Farming operations, fuel distribution companies, construction companies, food distribution, and many more industries have built partnerships with Hughes Petroleum. We work closely with the refineries to make sure our customers can depend on us. Hughes is one of the most rateable bulk fuel delivery companies for good reason. We are reliable, sustainable, and build quality partnerships with our customers to ensure their needs are always met.

Our Fleet

With an adaptable, flexible fleet, we service a wide range of customers with many types of needs.

Capacity: 10,000 Litres

Transports: Diesel

Compartments: 2 x 5,000 Litres

Strengths: Agile, mobile on a jobsite, “wheel-to-wheel” distribution, enabled with Accu-Flo

Use: Onsite delivery

Capacity: 14,000 to 16,000 Litres

Transports: Gas or Diesel

Compartments: Customizable, able to carry four different products

Strengths: Can bring two types of fuel, mobile, can fill small tanks & fuel cubes easily, enabled with Accu-Flo

Use: Onsite delivery

Capacity: 50,000 to 60,000 Litres

Transports: Gas and Diesel

Compartments: Five of various sizes

Strengths: Perfect for large deliveries

Use: Bulk fuel delivery to you, or for wholesale brokerage direct to your customers


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