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Canadian HR Award Winner

With more than six decades of industry experience, Hughes Petroleum is more than just a local family business. It’s a 200-person strong family with deep roots into the community. The Hughes Family works together to solve problems and serve customers. We take our open door policy seriously and work hard to keep the communication flowing regardless of what position you hold within the company. Accessibility is key and one thing that keeps the Hughes family working together is the ability to talk to anyone in the company to help solve a problem.

Taking HR to the Next Level

In 2013, Hughes implemented TribeHR, an online schedule management system that connects all employees with head office in real time from home, work or on the go. The idea of having a better communication tool allowing staff to manage shift changes and check scheduled work hours online came from a front-line supervisor, and after some research, management was proud to be able to implement the TribeHR system.

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I’m a naturally happy person. I like to talk to people—I joke around and discuss current events with my customers. My mission is to make people smile before they leave the till.”
Judy Reid

Cashier since 1990